We are delighted to tell you that our hours will be increasing for each of our Chiropractors next month, AND receptionists will finally be back at the desk from August, ready to answer your calls and emails (with much more efficiency than the rest of us). We are anticipating that shielding will end in Scotland from the end of this week, and so we will be able to see ANYONE who wants an appointment, although this is subject to advice from the Scottish Government. We are still working under restrictions and most of the new regulations are still in place, however we will be able to have two chiropractors here at the same time, working in different areas, which means more appointment availability – hooray!

If you would prefer to have an appointment at a time where only one chiropractor is working we can still accommodate that, but there will be limited availability and you may not be able to see your usual chiropractor.

From August our front door will be unlocked, however we ask that you wait until instructed to enter. We will have a maximum capacity for people within the practice, so please be patient with us as we get into the flow of it all – you may have to wait until someone leaves before you can enter. Please sanitise your hands on arrival, and follow our directions once inside. You must wear your mask for your adjustment, and if sitting in a waiting area inside the practice. Please do not bring anyone else to your appointment with you unless you require assistance, and remember that our toilet is not available for patients just now.

Our new hours from 10th August are listed below:

Steph 9am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm
Laura 2-6pm

Kirsten 9am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm
Laura 9am – 1pm
Steph 2pm – 8pm

Kirsten 9am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm
Steph 9am – 1pm
Laura 2pm – 8pm

Kirsten 2pm – 8pm
Laura 2pm – 6pm

Kirsten 9am – 1pm
Laura 9am – 1pm
Stephanie 2pm – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday

It’s not quite the same as it used to be yet, but we are looking forward to being here more often, having the full team back with us, and seeing a lot more of you – it’s been too long!